African American Studies

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Reprinted in Paula Masood, ed., The Spike Lee Reader (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2008), 212-227.

Performance studies

2015     “Little Monsters: Race, Sovereignty and Queer Inhumanism in Beasts of the Summer Wild.” GLQ 21(2-3): 249-272.

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Literary and cultural studies

2012      “Back to the Garden: Queer Ecology in Samuel Delany’s Heavenly BreakfastAmerican Literary History. 24(2): 747-767.

Queer Africa and the Fantasy of ParticipationWomen Studies Quarterly. 40(1-2): 40-63.

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2009      “Barack Hussein Obama, or, The Name of the FatherThe Scholar & Feminist Online 7(2):

2005      “Punk’d TheorySocial Text 84/85: 19-34

Popular music studies

2011      “Have You Seen His Childhood? Song, Screen, and the Queer Culture of the Child in Michael Jackson’s MusicJournal of Popular Music Studies. 23(1): 40-57.

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2007      “‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin’: Queer Assemblages, Lyrical Nostalgia, and the African DiasporaPerformance Research 12(3): 42 – 54.

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