Courses Taught

I am currently teaching at Yale University. My courses for 2016 are:

  1. Performativity 
  2. Art and Agitprop
  3. Affect Theory
  4. Writing Performance Histories


Here is a selection of graduate seminars I offered through the Department of Performance Studies at the Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.

  1. Black Performance Theory
    A core research and teaching area that I teach in a variety of ways. Recently the seminar has focused on the relationship between aesthetics and politics, the potentialities inherent in speculative genres and philosophies, and the fissions and fusions of popular and avant-garde culture. The seminar takes a trans-disciplinary definition of performance as its point of departure, and considers artistic expression in variety of mode and media.
  2. Performance in/and the Archive
    This seminar is usually taught in conjunction with the Downtown Collection of the Fales Library and Special Collection. This research-intensive seminar investigates themes of performance and documentation, the performativity of archival objects, and the transformation of cultural memory by new media.
  3. Critical Practice This course provide students an introduction to — and an immediate immersion in — the history, theory, and practice of criticism. What is the critic’s task? How did criticism emerge as a vocation and profession? Where might it be heading in the digital age? Are scholars also critics? Is everyone a critic?
  4. Queerness and Music
    Drawing on both queer studies and the new popular music studies, this seminar looks at modes of musical theorizing and writing that take queerness as a subject matter or analytic.
  5. Foucault
    A close reading of Foucault’s major works, together with selections from his lectures and interviews, with an emphasis on the aesthetics in and of his oeuvre.
  6. Research Methods in Performance Studies
    A required seminar for doctoral students in performance studies, this course considers interdisciplinary modes of evidence and argumentation.
  7. Topics in Queer Theory: Wildness (co-taught with José Esteban Muñoz)
  8. Comparative Approaches to Black Literature and Performance (co-taught with Jay Garcia)